Because this could be a long, long conversation if we wanted it to be, we’re going to stick to the broad strokes here. In essence, a ventilation system is any system that handles, moves, or otherwise impacts air and its primary function revolves around maintaining Air Quality. For example, a ceiling fan is considered part of ventilation and so is a vent fan in a bathroom, or the exhaust hood on your kitchen range.

When it comes to HVAC, as in heating and cooling systems specifically, the ventilation is made up of your air handler, ducts, return vents, and blower assembly. These systems work in tandem to provide “Mechanical Ventilation”, aiming to reduce humidity levels and normalize temperatures throughout the home.

Basically, bad air out, good air in, and the AC or furnace take care of the temperature variables. But why is ventilation so important?


Why We Need Mechanical Ventilation

The most comfortable (and cost-effective) home is one that has a “sealed envelope”. You probably hear about this when you’re looking at information regarding insulation, or the qualities of a roof. A closed envelope means no air from outside gets in, and none of your costly conditioned air gets out.

But, this can be a problem. Think about dust and pollen. Even the cleaning chemicals you use. At its base an HVAC system is a closed-loop, simply circulating the air already inside your home, meaning nothing gets in or out. With no fresh air or a way to rid the home of fouled air, you would quickly become very uncomfortable, if not ill.

This is why ventilation is important! We rely on air handlers and good airflow to keep our HVAC systems efficient, yes, but also to keep our air clean and palatable. There’s also a concern regarding "Air Consumption" an issue that became common a long while back in regard to home heating systems. Since heated air tends to expand, it often left homes depressurizing or overpressurizing, leading to uncomfortable and potentially unsafe living conditions. Thus, ventilation!

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