Excellence has been our hallmark for over 35 years!

Growing up in the HVAC industry in Houston working at our family-owned business, I was helping my father with jobs by the age of 14 and obtaining my Texas Air Conditioning license by the time I turned 18. I decided to open Round Rock Cooling and Heating in 1994 in Roundrock, Texas. After 20 years it was time to move back to the Greater Houston area to once again help with the family business.

In 2015 Purair Air Conditioning & Heating was born and we have continued our mission to provide outstanding service and exceptional value to our customers. From residential to light commercial, our team demonstrates a genuine sense of pride and accomplishment in our work, consistently meeting or exceeding our obligations to our customers. For more than 35 years in the industry, we like to educate our customers on all their options since air conditioning is not a plug-in appliance and every installation is unique.

Residential HVAC has evolved immensely and Purair understands and accepts the responsibility to bring new technology to our customers so they can have the best home comfort with the most efficient equipment on the market. Purair is a family-owned business and works hard in maintaining a strong history of providing reliable air conditioning and heating solutions for residents throughout Grimes County and surrounding areas. We want Purair to be your First - and Last - call for all your HVAC needs.

Lee Jackson - Owner of Purair Air Conditioning & Heating