Attic Draft Master

It has been proven that an unsealed attic door can leak as much air as a bedroom air vent. The Draft Master Attic Stairway Insulator can seal this problem area making your home more comfortable and efficient. Made of a highly reflective thermal radiant barrier, the attic stairway insulator is light, thin, and effective, reflecting up to 96% of radiant heat and sealing gaps. We use heavy-duty zippers to allow easy access to the attic, and the cover helps to keep valuable heated and cooled air in the living space where you want it.

As an added benefit, the attic stairway insulator also helps keep the house clean and improves indoor air quality by keeping dust and insulation in the attic where they belong.


Features & Benefits

  • Insulates and seals the drop-down attic stairway
  • Stops drafts and leaks from the attic
  • Keeps dust and allergens from entering the home
  • Offers R-Value of 15
  • Reflects 96% of radiant heat
  • Eliminates cold and hot spots in the home
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Protects the home from moisture and humidity
  • Offers No Trip Opening and Easy Open Zipper
  • Double stitched for extra support and long life
  • Radiant foil on both sides of the insulator
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • 20x20x15
  • 22x30x15
  • 24x54x12
  • 26x54x12
  • 30x30x15
  • 30x54x15
  • 30x60x15
  • 32x80x15