HVAC systems are the major load-bearing machines of any household. The constant operations and fluctuating weather conditions often take a toll on functionality. Due to global warming, temperatures are at a record-breaking high in the last decade. The air conditioner runs almost 24*7, and that naturally causes occasional wear and tear. However, calling a residential cooling repair contractor without any idea of the fault is exhausting and time-consuming. In this guide, we have compiled some general AC problems like unbalanced cooling that people face in routine and how the technicians solve them.

1. Improper drainage

The cooling process of an AC usually ends up in condensation of water that usually flows out of the equipment smoothly. However, in humid weather, the moisture penetrates your air conditioner, or the drain pipes get blocked. This excessive condensation in AC ends up increasing the humidity inside your house. Eventually, the cooling process is hindered, and in the long run, the machine may break down.

In this case, the repairman will examine the drain pipes and condensate lines for any possible blockage. The clogging will be cleaned and mostly treated for algae prevention. If any air conditioner parts are damaged, you will receive an estimate for repair or replacement.


2. Leaking Refrigerant

Refrigerants in an air conditioner release heat from the air outside and enable the system functions. When the AC is installed, the refrigerant is charged to a certain level. This decided level of refrigerant is necessary for efficient cooling. The home cooling repair method implemented to fix this fault is recharging the refrigerant or mending the faulty equipment causing refrigerant leakage.

The repairman called for this issue to recharge the refrigerant, and your AC will be up and running in no time.



3. Improper Insulation

Usually, homes designed long ago or in need of restoration have poor insulation. Lack of proper insulation can cause uneven temperatures throughout the house. This unbalanced cooling imposes an extra load on the AC and can hamper its functionality over time.

Domestic cooling repair contractors often encounter this issue and can recommend the correct insulation method based on the R-value (the heat flow resistance factor).



4. Compressor Fan Damage

The outside unit of an air conditioner consists of the condenser coils, compressor, and fan. These components combinedly release the heat from the air outside your home and cool it. If the fan does not function properly, then the cooling automatically gets hampered. The damaged compressor fan can also cause it to overheat. Excessive heating can trigger the AC’s safety controls and turn it off. Over time, the compressor may break down and need replacement or repair.

A qualified mechanic will inspect the system and analyze the reason causing improper fan function for unbalanced cooling.  The faulty fan will be replaced or restored, and the AC unit will be checked for any other problems.


5. Condenser Coils are Frozen

During extremely cold weather, the condenser coils might freeze. The frozen coils can hinder proper air conditioning and cause the system to slow down. The primary reason behind freezing condenser coils can be poor airflow which causes ice formation. And airflow in return gets blocked by dirty air filters. Sometimes a low amount of refrigerant can also cause coil freezing.

In this issue, the residential cooling repair technician will diagnose the cause of a frozen condenser coil and safely restore the system.




A machine is as efficient as the owner. If you treat your system with care and organize periodic checkups and repairs, it will sustain for a long-time. Any abnormalities, big or small, should be reported to the professionals to avoid system failure and unwanted expenditure.