Commercial Heating and Cooling

Cooling and heating in commercial places with the proper amount of cool air or heat contributes a huge difference in any workplace. The environment of any commercial center contributes greatly to the effectiveness of the workers and the comfortability of the clients coming into that workplace, which will have a ripple effect on the sales of any business because a comfortable customer becomes a regular client of whatsoever product or business the seller or company is offering. This means that having a good and properly maintained HVAC must be a priority for commercial places.

Hiring the right company for the Installation

Hiring Purair Air Conditioning & Heating to install and maintain your HVAC is the best first decision. Installation of such HVAC requires expertise because each building has a different and unique design. Purair Air Conditioning & Heating is an expert with a good track record in installing home and commercial HVAC, firstly, we will visit your facility or building to take measurements and observe all the relevant things needed, and also provide you with detailed information on what is required to create a quality cooling and heating system that best suit your facility.

Commercial places are usually large, Purair Air Conditioning & Heating will create a drawn-out design, that will explain the concept of the installation where the air duct will be located, the wiring, and many more details. We will make sure that the location of the air dust is well hidden or concealed, details and design will be presented to the business owners for approval.

Purair Air Conditioning & Heating design and maintenance

There are many types of HVAC specially designed for commercial installation, choosing the right size is the major factor that must be considered if you want the cooling and heating system to maintain a specific temperature over time. It is our duty to advice on the right size and brands that suit the commercial center’s design and building structure.

There are different types of HVAC, among them are Lennox, Trane, York, Rheem, etc. at Purair Air Conditioning & Heating, we are experts at installing many brands of the HVAC and the listed names are few among many; we will also recommend which unit is best suited for your needs.

Purair Air Conditioning & Heating have systems in place to help monitor and maintain your commercial HVAC, one of which is our 24/7 real-time monitoring solutions, routine checks might not be very effective because issues may come up immediately after a regular check, this issue has to be managed till the next regular check or the company might have to pay extra for such checks, which will result to a waste of time and money. A grocery store as an example; can have more than 300 customers in the store at once, such a place without a fully functioning HVAC system will not be conducive for customers, and that will result in loss of sales if the customers have to go for the lack of comfort.

Why choose Purair Air Conditioning & Heating

At Purair Air Conditioning & Heating we have invented systems and technologies that monitor the heating and cooling systems which make us detect issues easily and fix them before they start causing discomfort for our clients’ businesses. Knowing and changing parts as at when due and lubricating the mechanical parts can help save energy consumption and monthly bills.

Having a commercial heating and cooling system cannot be ignored by big commercial businesses, and Purair Air Conditioning & Heating is the best option that could give businesses the assured service for installation and maintenance, that will result in quality output at the best possible price while helping businesses save funds that might come along with regular maintenance companies.

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